We work with clients who can invest more than $500,000 in aggregate and can establish accounts with a sub-minimum of $10,000 per registration.

We embrace that your financial goals and needs are diverse and unique, so we provide tailored advice and portfolios for your time horizon, risk tolerance, tax scenario and investment objectives.  Portfolio construction is contextualized from an account level through to a household level.  A tax-deferred retirement account would be managed and constructed differently than a taxable account.

After evaluating your needs, we will help you design portfolios that follow these attrbutes:


Our due diligence process is centered around locating the most effective fund managers, public companies, asset classes or sectors that we believe will contribute to out-performance in all market cycles. 

 We employ several portfolio management theories, the most notable are:

  1. Modern Portfolio Theory - a quantitative/mathematical based approach to determine optimal risk-reward paradigms in asset allocation design.
  2. Behavioral Finance - a qualitative approach that includes reviewing shifting trends in consumer spending to anticipate the future including emotional attributes such as fear and greed which create inefficiencies, opportunities and threats.  
  3. Active Management - We attempt to provide alpha (positive risk-reward metrics) through sector selection, individual security selection and active trading.

STOCKS:  We believe that DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is providing unprecedented disruption and investment opportunities perhaps not seen since the industrial revolution and our goal is to capitalize on this theme within our equity sleeves.  The disparities between stagnant or dying industries and new ones have seldom been greater, this is fertile ground for “active management”, the application of human judgement on sectors, businesses, and asset classes. 

INCOME: Within our income sleeves, US government and investment grade bonds are paying the lowest yields in history.  If you take inflation & taxes into account, their yields are negative.  To address this, we have several strategies designed to maximize income, in many cases via tax efficient qualified dividends & utilize a proprietary preferred stock trading methodology.

We are excited when our clients task us with making distinctive judgements for their growth and income sleeves. 

OUR PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Needs analysis, customized portfolio design, research, execution, monitoring, rebalancing, tax harvesting, required minimum distribution calculation, liaising with your tax professional with respect to IRA/ROTH contribution consulting and execution.  Also, provision of tax documents, and liaising with your estate attorney with respect to trust related matters and income distribution planning.

Investing can become overwhelming and complex but, if handled properly, will be paramount in crafting your financial future. Whether you are in the wealth accumulation, income distribution stage of life, let us help you design and manage a portfolio that is uniquely suited to your needs.