Some investment solutions generate a commission which could cause potential bias when recommended by a financial professional.  Later on when the financial professional recommends portfolio changes, those may attract additional commissions.  This can make it hard to discern if the advice was derived independently of commission/s.

“Managed Accounts” were designed to address the above by having the following key features:

  • No entry fee or commission paid to your advisor for recommending the platform.
  • No commissions to your advisor for recommendations to purchase or sell holdings. 
  • Your advisor is acting as a fiduciary, expected to put your best interests first at all times and ensure that the recommendations made in the past remain appropriate going into the future.
  • A percentage annual fee based on the value of assets being managed, payable quarterly. 
  • Discretionary authority to your advisor to conduct security research, evaluate portfolio suitability and upon execution determine the suitable timing and price.  By outsourcing the technical and financial engineering aspects of investment management to a professional, there is more time to discuss the higher purpose of the investments to your life.
  • A written investment advisory agreement is entered into which discloses the services, fee schedules, custodian, and other pertinent information to formally govern the arrangement.
  • You can terminate the investment management at any time upon receipt of your written request with no exit penalty.

Household Minimum: We work with clients that are able to invest more than $500,000 in aggregate.  We can establish accounts with a sub-minimum of $10,000 per account registration.

We work with a multitude of portfolio management solutions.  In most scenarios we are the portfolio managers and utilize individual stocks, individual preferred stocks and bonds.  We may recommend a Third Party Money Manager Service depending on your scenario.

Our portfolio management services include needs analysis, customized portfolio design, research, execution, monitoring, rebalancing, tax harvesting, required minimum distribution calculation and execution, liaising with your tax professional with respect to IRA/ROTH contribution consulting and execution, provision of tax documents, liaising with your estate attorney with respect to trust related matters, income distribution planning.

For further information, please read the formal legal disclosure documents which are the United Planner's Financial Services of America ADV Part 2A , part 2B and part 3.