As you travel on life's journey towards your goals, you are exposed to many unforeseen risks that could jeopordize your financial plan. Insurance can be a great tool in mitigating risks such as:

  • Dying too soon - replacing lost income and paying off debts.
  • Disability - replacing lost income.
  • Medical costs.
  • Long Term Care - frail care or assisted living.
  • Living too long and outliving your savings.
  • Investment risks - untimely or protracted market corrections that erodes retirement capital.

Insurance can also be used in many financial planning strategies such as:

  • Legacy and wealth transfer planning.
  • Estate tax planning (e.g. Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust).
  • Pension Maximization - to gain death benefit protection and to help get the most out of defined pension plans.
  • Keyman insurance - in the event your business loses one of its key executives, a key man insurance policy will help prevent a large negative effect while the company searches for a replacement.
  • Buy Sell Agreements - for business succession planning, to purchase the deceased business owners share of a business from his estate via either "cross-purchase" or "entity purchase" strategies.

We are licensed life, health, disability and long term care insurance agents.  With over 25 years experience, we can evaluate your situation and help you find the best insurance carriers, products and solutions along with a suitable strategy to meet your needs.  Let us help you.