Sumit Sharma

Relationship Manager

Sumit joined Fortress Financial Services in 2022 as the firm's RELATIONSHIP MANAGER. 

Sumit has a plethora of responsibilities such as:

  • Maintenance of client relationship management programs & related databases.
  • Client experience manager from prospective to new and long-standing client.
  • Scheduling client meetings, assisting in meeting preparation.
  • Account opening and maintenance functions.
  • Assisting in maintenance, service and new business related to life insurance, health insurance and variable annuity products (individual and/or group).
  • Investment data capturing into portfolio analytics tools & preparing reports.
  • Collaborate with senior advisor on Financial Planning from client engagement, onboarding, quantitative need/goal vs outcomes analysis.

Sumit works can be reached Monday - Friday from 10am until 6pm.

Phone (310) 476-9800
Fax (310) 476-9803